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Tuxedo 4.3.0 Released

Tuxedo 4.3.0 Released

We have shipped Tuxedo 4.3.0 live! We also well passed the 500 commit landmark for our content management system. In addition to some stability improvements, our key feature this release is smart, remote database backups. All of our clients have been updated and redeployed.

Smart Remote Database Backups

Our system now performs intelligent remote database backups as part of our quality assurance process. Within adjustable time intervals, our system determines if we have new data to backup. in the case that a backup is performed, the backup is stored remotely in Google Drive.

This allows us to guarantee data recovery in the rare event of a catastrophic failure. Additionally, this allows us to restore service almost completely, as our code is already backed up and stored in version control. We are big fans of failure tolerant services and we constantly strive to improve our tools.


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