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Tuxedo 4.4.0 Released

Tuxedo 4.4.0 Released

We have shipped Tuxedo 4.4.0 live! Tuxedo 4.4.0 doesn't actually sport any major new features as we spent most of this release tightening up system stability. As the dust is slowly settling, we have been hardening business logic that has stuck around over the course of the 70+ releases that comprise Tuxedo. Tuxedo is becoming a more reliable system even when given unexpected, or nonsensical input.

Better ROI

Focusing on stability means we can push forward with the next batch of changes and plans we have for Tuxedo 4.5.0, and more importantly, Tuxedo 5.0.0. We have increased our QA procedures across all our projects as part of our next platform upgrade. More reliable projects means better ROI for both ourselves and our clients.


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