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Tuxedo 6.2.0 Released

Tuxedo 6.2.0 Released

We are proud to announce our latest Tuxedo build! We are in the process of rolling out the update to our clients. This is a rather large update, but the transition should be relatively simple.

UX Update

We have included a number of user experience upgrades. Now we can offer drag and drop ordering for database entries in the system. This only affects modules where it makes sense to do so. We also fixed some obscure issues - if you delete an entry while on page 7 of your entries, you get returned to page 7 now.

Activity Logging

As part of our commitment to providing enterprise level features to our clients, we have now included activity logging. This will allow our clients to monitor and audit actions their employees (it records everyone) take within the system. This allows our clients to have more information and allows owners to have a higher degree of awareness and control while managing their online project. This new feature fits in nicely with our user permission system in Tuxedo 6.0.0 as activity logs are not allowed to be modified by any user.

Analytics Dashboard Improvements

We fixed a bug in our traffic analytics dashboard. Data was inaccurately being duplicated for the previous month. We fixed that! By popular demand, we also added some new data points to the dashboard. Happy marketing!

Internal Changes

I’ve said this a couple times in update releases, but we have restructured the internals again. The system is really stable right now, so our focus was reducing the complexity of the custom aspects. This is actually the biggest part of the update. You won’t notice anything, but we have made it much easier to maintain custom projects (and all our projects are custom.) Previously, custom functions included core Tuxedo code. Now, we’ve pulled all the core code out and only kept the custom features (in most cases.) This allows us to update Tuxedo while simultaneously updating projects with completely custom features. This reduces our rollout turnaround on new releases. Yay for us!

We also improved the look of our generic notification template. It’s fancier and branded now. Thought you should know.

Happy Birthday Tuxedo!

February 22nd, 2016 is the birthday of Tuxedo. We released our 1.0.0 build on that very fateful day. I’ve built a content management system from scratch about 4 times now, and this is the greatest one yet. Tuxedo has over 1000 commits and over 120 releases (various version numbers. You can see why I don’t post every release now!) Tuxedo has matured alongside my philosophies on software development. We are thrilled to have reached a very stable plateau of features we can iterate upon both now and in the future.


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