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Tuxedo 6.0.0 Released

Tuxedo 6.0.0 Released

We are proud to announce our latest Tuxedo build! It is also our largest release, Tuxedo 6 quickly overtook Tuxedo 5 as our main focus as part of our feature roadmap.

What Happened to Tuxedo 5?

It lived a short, but useful life. We quickly had some new features we wanted to roll into the system and it required a completely new build. As a result, the upgrade is lengthy and we are still rolling out the 6.0.0 builds to our clients. We have essentially rewritten our system to be even more reliable and flexible.

Vastly Improved System Stability

Continuing with the stability update from Tuxedo 4.4.0, we have included a massive amount of quality assurance tests to increase our already great uptime (99.99% across all projects in the past 30 days as of writing this blog post.) We made it easier for us to test our features within the projects allowing us to iterate high quality features faster. We use a Test Driven Development process to make sure things are working before we ship them.

Flexible Permission System

The permission system is one of our biggest features of this release. Our permission system features a highly-customizable, finely grained, and robust level of control over user activities both within Tuxedo in addition to consumer facing interfaces. With security being a primary concern for both existing and potential clients we continue to make securing our systems a priority.

Improved Analytics Dashboard

Our new, and vastly improved analytics dashboard is probably our favourite feature of this release. So often our features are “under the hood” - we always enjoy an improvement everyone can get behind. The new analytics dashboard cuts out the noise into two main categories that gives you instant insight. This means better decisions and better ROI. We like it enough to consider it secret sauce. If you’re a client - you’ll see it soon enough!

Improved Project Updating

As is par for the course, our most important feature is behind the scenes and mostly unnoticed to anyone outside of the office. We have completely changed our upgrade pathway for our projects. Our turnaround to updating older projects has been vastly improved. As we continue to keep our projects up to date - making it as easy as possible is a massive win for us, and our valuable clients.


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