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Tuxedo 8.0.0 Released

Tuxedo 8.0.0 Released

Similar to Tuxedo 7, version 8 is really big. Tuxedo 8.0.0 has been in the works for over two months, which is a long time for us. Normally, our process has evolved with each release, but Tuxedo 8 is our first release where there is not a large shift in how we view the product.

So you know why we don't talk more often about version releases - there were 16 releases between 7.0.0 and 8.0.0. Some larger than others - all equally boring to talk about in detail.

Tuxedo Maturity

The product is more mature, and as we take on new work - we find our decisions starting to pay off. Implementing custom features (which occurs in nearly every project) is actually getting easier, versus more difficult. The hard road of QA, and initial planning has really started to work as we have been able to bring exotic features into regular projects with relative ease.


The focus now turns toward ease of maintainability. Maintaining Tuxedo becomes a balance between abstraction and readability. The more we split up functionality, in some cases we lost readability as features became spread out over multiple files. That being said, some of our assets are somewhat monolithic, which can be difficult to both read and maintain. Part of our strategy to combat my tendency to go overboard in one direction or another is to slow down the releases. Less releases means we have to live with the decisions we make and see if they pan out. Lately our decisions have been vindicated, so we can leave things the way they are for now.

The Future

We now have to think about bringing projects that rely on Tuxedo 7 up to Tuxedo 8. The gap is a bit larger than usual, as we added a lot of new stuff. We are now thinking about offering “long term support" to previous versions as well as reducing the version gap while moving forward with additions. The extensive documentation we have built alongside the software plays a key role here.

High Impact Features

New, high impact features are our next focus. We will be starting to focus more on the infrastructure side of things as the number of projects grow. Elastic hosting, automated hardware recovery, and dynamic load balancing become within reach as our platform begins to reach maturity.

Tuxedo 8 Changelog

The Tuxedo 8 release is 25% larger than the Tuxedo 7 release - from the perspective of code added and removed.

Weekly Reporting

The system now has the ability to send weekly traffic reports.

Deprecation Schedule

We now have to think about moving features between versions. We will attempt to gracefully transition features, versus simply removing old code.

As Tuxedo progresses toward a more mature state, we need to support different projects across different versions. Tuxedo 9 will be a lot of house cleaning.

Improved Feedback

The system now provides a lot more feedback on user actions. This was a pretty important update - we now give a lot more context to our users.


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