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Monocle 6.0.2 Released

Monocle 6

I continue to muse about our long-term development and maintenance of our Tuxedo suite of tools. What was previously known as “Tuxedo” has been split into multiple, smaller tools. Moving forward the visual/UI side is known as Monocle!

Something that has been interesting is that there is still so much room for fundamental change in the software. Despite having been working on it for 5+ years, our latest update, once again, represents the largest series of changes we’ve made. A lot of the changes are in the form of harmonizing internal naming: for example - if I previously had files in a directory called “base”, they were named all kinds of things. Now, all the files have the uniform prefix of Base. As a result, I’ve had to go through the code and rename a lot of things. Why make such a change? Consistency. As the system grows, there are parts I no longer remember or understand. Consistent naming and documentation make it much easier to get back up to speed to improve or fix things.

Refinement versus New Features

As a matter of improvement - we actually added very few new features. We mostly renamed/moved existing files. Our efforts were again focused on incremental improvement. One way our applications crash is during an update where we change filenames. Previously, parts of our code that relied on certain values would complain and explode. Now, they complain but we’ve added graceful failure states that reduce critical failures.

The next focus is our email notification sub-system. Email is a nightmare to debug, so we need to build infrastructure to remove that classic uncertainty of wondering did it send?

Happy #Blogging! This is it for now! Short and sweet is the goal moving forward! Until next time!


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