CL Simplex

Western Locates CGA Conference

Western Locates CGA Conference

CL Simplex gave Western Locates a facelift for the 2016 CGA Conference. The redesign incorporated a restructuring of their content - we pruned old content, implemented 301 redirects, and simplfied thier layout to improve the user experience. Users at the conference were treated to a clear presentation of their offerings on their custom event landing page.

Private Locates Form

The redesign features a dynamic contact form that shows the user new fields based on their needs. This form has generated enough business leads to be a positive investment for Western. Western's ROI was a key driver in moving the contact form to the center stage of their website.

Custom Event Landing Page

In addition to the redesign, we built a custom landing page designed to get curious conference members in touch with Western Locates. Western currently sports the cutting edge in aerial photography and geo-referenced survey tools. These tools, combined with their utility management services were on display during the conference.


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