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SEO: Real World Example

SEO: Real World Example

Search engine optimization can appear to be a magical thing. It can be very easily explained using real world examples. Our example came to us as we were walking through town the other day. This example illustrates the “magic” behind how SEO is supposed to work. We have stripped away all the design work to really focus on what matters - the content of the sign.

Does the purple sign work? It doesn’t seem to have a real message, or give the viewer any meaningful information. While we created a fake example, this is a very real demonstration of poor SEO in both the real world and on websites. Did I just recreate your website’s header?

The second example seems to give the viewer more information. This information is crucial to delivering quality content to search engines and users alike. Pretend you were a search engine robot. Which sign would you rank higher for the phrase, “IT Consulting?” Often the biggest issue is not knowing what to target as keywords, and that’s where we often come in as consultants.

SEO and IT Consulting

As IT consultants, we often have to translate the technical into the tangible. While SEO has a few more wrinkles, this is the most tangible starting point. SEO work does not involve pointing a wand at a webpage and performing the magic Google SEO ceremony (we charge extra for that.) Even in the real world, we see poor “seo.” A subtle change in how content is managed can have a big effect on the quality for both human and robot visitors.


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