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UX: Real World Examples

User Experience: Real World Examples

Following our post about how SEO can be seen even in the real world, user experience is a very real thing outside of the digital world. In the real world, everyday products and events demonstrate that user experience is something that can be sorely missed. Real, tangible examples are often missing from our discussions of good design, execution, or infrastructure.

Good UX in the Real World

Cars are an example of good user experience. Drivers don’t need any technical knowledge of how a specific car works to use it. In fact, some people don’t even need to be passable drivers to be able to use a vehicle (zing!) Once you know how to use a vehicle, the basics are the same whether you are in a Honda, an SUV, a van, a pickup truck, or a go cart. That is good UX (except for Grandpa stepping on the gas instead of the break.)

Poor UX in the Real World

Shower faucets have poor UX! A small handle change can often result in big temperature changes. In the shower no one needs half of the faucet for lukewarm to cold. You’re a stone cold killer if you’ve used a new shower faucet without any fear. I can still barely trust mine after a year. Point being we sometimes don’t think about it but everyday objects can be frustrating to use or we have simply gotten used to them.

Industrial Design

Industrial and product designers (the ones who don’t design faucets at least) apply user experience concepts to their products. While this is not a new concept, we find it interesting to connect a tangible object like a cup holder to something ethereal, like a website. Well crafted things lend to a natural sense of interaction. What was painstakingly thought out appears obvious to the user. This applies both to software and real world products alike.


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