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SEO: Organic SEO

SEO: Organic SEO

Organic SEO is simply setting up your site to do well in search position without paying money for ads results. This results in an expected increase of pagerank over a longer period of time. Organic position is a result of content, structure, and most of all - planning. Planning involves laying out your marketing strategy in a slightly different manner - assuming you have one to begin with.

Organic SEO: Content is king

The expression goes that “content is king" with SEO. We are in qualified agreement. This is the best way to improve your position over the long term. Content over the long term is the best way to signal to everyone (search engines) included that you have something to say in your industry. It means you've committed to a long term strategy with respect to not only your marketing, but also with respect to how you conduct business.

CL Simplex SEO Strategy

Our strategy is actually pretty simple. We post about once a month. Once a month means we put things out in a regular basis, but my job isn't dominated by blogging - although it used to feel like it. We blog/post about similar things. Typically our content ranges from discussing marketing, ethical issues surrounding technology and society, to jargon posts where we help explain what terms mean. Take the jargon posts for example. We actually don't care if anyone reads it. They click on the page and see techy buzzwords they may recognize in the titles of our posts. We have recognized this as a key part of potential clients vetting us through our online presence (that much has worked for us.) In summary our content works three-fold for us: 1. We aren't a ghost town, we post regularly. 2. If you're checking us out you get the vibe that we know what we are talking about. 3. Search engines analyze our content and build relationships between our pages.

Why we Create Content

Our posts exist only for a single purpose - create content. Our posts create content that search engines can find and relate to our existing and new content. Based on your organization's expertise, your content will revolve around specific topics. This is the core of what organic SEO entails.

Technical SEO

Bonus jargon! Technical SEO is the act of making your website fast, mobile friendly, and overall easy to use. Technical SEO also involves using hidden data markers to make it easier for robots to learn about your content. This plays a smaller, but non-trivial piece of the puzzle. Fast, well configured sites are rewarded for their efforts.


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