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Jargon: Encryption

Jargon: Encryption

Encryption, an always prescient buzzword. Encryption is the process in which you take information and scramble it in a manner that is (hopefully) difficult to unscramble without additional information.

In plain english, encryption is using math puzzles that can’t be easily solved to scramble information.

Daily Encryption

Even without much knowledge in the field, I feel it safe to say most people would agree that encryption is an important part of our lives. It is used in our cell phones (SIM cards, passwords) our credit cards/payment systems, and it is present anywhere we attempt to keep information secure.


Encryption is a very active field in which lots of research is conducted. Encryption methods have come and gone as computation has become more powerful. Older methods are generally exposed as weak as newer, sophisticated techniques for cracking encryption are discovered. Encryption relies on several mathematical principals, and as new maths have been discovered that improve algorithms - new encryptions as well as new methods to break encryption.

Breaking other’s encryption while keeping your information safe has been a job since the Roman Empire.


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