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Laravel 5 Pivot Table Example

Laravel 5 Pivot Table Example Snippet

I always forget what the migration looks like for Laravel 5's many to many pivot table. In addition to introducing the blog itself, the fact that we'll be including hopefully useful stuff, here is our github repository for the Laravel 5 pivot table example. There is some simple documentation (but again, it's mostly a snippet.) We actually have a couple things available to the public on our github!

Laravel Many to Many Relationship

When setting up a many-to-many relationship in Laravel, you need a pivot table migration. Check out github documentation for more detail on how to use the snippet to set up your migration.

Github Repository Link

The snippet is in the form of a public Github repo. We strongly believe in giving back to the open source community - while this is small, this is what we can contribute for now. The button below jumps over to Github.

Laravel 5 pivot table example


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