CL Simplex

2016 Golf Tour

2016 Golf Tour

CL Simplex is proud to sponsor the Tour, the greatest golf tour the SFU Rugby Club world has ever seen or known. We are hosting the very official leaderboard as well as handling scorecard submission. When we get some spare time, we might even get some golf in with the boys (at the time of this post, Levon is off the leaderboard and is terrible at golf!)

Golf Tour Mission Statement

Sssssssss. Sssssssss.

Excellence. Tradition. Snakes.

Probably Vancouver's proudest and greatest golf tour, the Tour was established in 2015. Steeped in a rich tradition of amateur golf excellence, the Tour represents the apex of golf in Canada if not the whole world.

CL Simplex is honoured to join the proud members of the Tour in the celebration of camaraderie, tradition, and snakes. As the new marquee sponsor in 2016, CL Simplex strives to uphold the values and mission of the tour while bringing it to new heights. 2016 is shaping up to be the best year on the tour yet!

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