CL Simplex


Columbia StrEAT Festival

Once a year, the New Westminster Business Improvement Association sponsors and supports the Columbia StrEAT festival. This festival is the largest single day food truck festival in Canada, attracting upwards of 70 thousand people over the day. As the tech support sponsor for the event, we also created a simple social media feed that tracked the event's signature hashtag #ColumbiaStrEAT.

Live Social Media Feed

We created a live social media feed to enhance the foodie experience (social media is really all about sharing what you have for lunch, right?)

Our tool tracked posts with the #columbiastreat hashtag within a 100km radius of New Westminster. Event staff were able to curate and publish approved social media posts in any order they wished. From there, a dedicated display we set up at the event polled our server for new content. The tool was set up to be dedicated to the event, so we don't have a demo of the event to show you (we can set up new demoes, however!)


The food truck festival was an amazing event. If you haven't gone before and love food (or food trucks) - this is the Mecca of food trucks on your hunger hajj. We are very grateful and proud that the BIA allowed us the opportunity to be part of this incredible event. We hope to be back next year with bigger and better ideas on how to get festival goers to interact in new and interesting ways!


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