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Managing Technology Solutions

Managing Technology Solutions

Often new policies need to be put into place to ensure a proper return on investment and proper adoption of the technology. Despite management not being an everyday user of the solution (potentially) the need for a technology friendly policies needs to be put in place.

Management Buy-In

If the solution is intended for everyone in the company, the success of adoption is reduced if management fails to endorse it or it is adopted late. Effectively, management signals that the solution isn’t a company priority. It may create the appearance that management is above company policy (which is a much larger cultural issue.)

Management Policies For New Metrics

If the solution gives management access to new insights and metrics, avoid setting hard quotas - especially early on. This causes several problems. First of all, without knowledge of how the technology actually affects your operations, management might have to backpedal to correct mistakes in policy. Hard numbers encourage people to game the system. In some cases, this is not a bad thing. The problem arises when team members become less cooperative when their productivity numbers are in jeopardy.

Smart Policies for Smart Results

Smart management implements policies that makes sense. Intelligent policy allows an organization to grow into new solutions, without creating cultural issues or stifling cooperation between employees. Great technology empowers organizations, but only when great management allows it to prosper.


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