CL Simplex

About CL Simplex

IT Services and IT Management

Founded as a partnership in 2015, CL Simplex aims to help organizations grow through improving their operations with simple, proven IT services and IT management. We strive to work with organizations to create tools and processes that are usable, flexible, and powerful.

Strategic Partnership

We are not middlemen. We work with organizations as a strategic partner to grow their capabilities. Our solutions are not based on bundles or pre-assigned packages. We offer the best IT solution based on the circumstance and the needs of the situation. We offer IT contract negotiation to get our clients the best deal no matter the provider.

Our Name: CL Simplex

What's in a name? Our name means several things and reflects our philosophies. A simplex is the basic mathematical concept for a triangle in any given dimension. 2-simplex is a triangle and 3-simplex is a pyramid. Higher numbered simplexes are more complex shapes. With respect to our business philosophy, we like to start with something very simple, and build upon it.

The Simplex Algorithm

You may not know that the simplex algorithm is one of the most important inventions of the century (on this list simplex is 27th). The simplex algorithm solves Linear Programming problems. In other words - given constraints, finding the maximum (or minimum) value for a given objective. Creating a schedule for staff in a restaurant in an example of a Linear Programming problem. We operate in a pretty similar fashion. Maximizing return on investment given the constraints of business and organizations and the challenges they face. That's CL Simplex - We start simple and grow with your organization as a strategic IT partner to maximize your revenue.