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Transistor Review

Transistor Review

This game has been out for a while, I've been meaning to write a review for it. There are games, then there are immersive, detailed experiences that are much closer to interactive art. I would describe SuperGiant's Transistor as art (I also believe Half Life 2 is art.) Instead of outlining what Transistor is, I'm going to outline why it's great.

Beautiful, Immersive, Detailed

First of all, Transistor offers a minimal story that you put together yourself. It's not a complex plot, but the use of "show don't tell" is very refreshing. Also refreshing is the top tier game design. Everything you use in the game is balanced, meaningful, useful! The game has enough challenge (you can adjust it to taste) to be interesting, not overwhelming.

Rich, Interesting Theme

First of all, Transistor's soundtrack is amazing. There is a digital/technological theme that has been tastefully woven into every aspect of the game. It's done in a smart manner that doesn't confuse the uninitiated, but adds a nice touch of detail to people familiar with the jargon. The ending is satisfying. The plot avoids most cliches, and furthers the themes they are weaving together.

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