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Michelle Srdanovic: New Website! New Website!

We are proud to announce the re-launch of, a New Westminster adult, child and relationship counsellor. We have been working with Michelle to put together a site that not only made it clear and easy for clients to contact her business, but also to update the look and feel (while staying true to her existing branding - business cards, etc.)

Responsive Website

Using our responsive, and mobile-first web design philosophies we rebuilt the new site from the ground up. Using the fonts, colours, and elements Michelle liked best we created an experience that welcomes users on cellphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops alike. We managed to incorporate lots of bright white space without giving the site a "barren" look. Overall we are thrilled to share this project with the world as will Michelle share this site with her clients both current and prospective.

Goal Driven Web Design

We focused on giving the users a clear goal when visiting the site - getting in touch with Michelle! Featuring a very simple, easy to fill out form that emails her when potential clients fill it out Michelle will be able to convert on leads generated by her online presence.

Organic SEO

Her online presence features an improved url structure along with 301 redirects from old content to new pages. This will allow Google to better evaluate her content while keeping and building upon the rankings her old site earned. Our organic SEO strategies allow her to continue to passively build her reputation both as a counsellor and as an influencer in the counselling community. This is backed up by a content strategy designed to showcase her presentations and the content she has already published in the counselling world.

Web Hosting and Technology

In addition to a great, responsive web design - we brought our technical skills to the table in the form of our web infrastructure. Our highly available infrastructure means an empirical 99.9% uptime, which in turn means the website spends as much time as possible earning a return on Michelle's investment with us.


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