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Connect Connect Connect!

Traditional sales thinking states that you should always be closing...ABC. In today's market with savvy consumers and businesses used to traditional sales techniques, a new method should be employed: Always Be Connecting!

The Connection

A genuine connection with your clients and prospects is the most important piece to building long term, high margin, and recurring business. Historically the 'connection' was compartmentalized into the Bonding and Rapport step of sales training. However if this step isn’t performed to perfection it can often come off as insincere and distance you from the consumer.

Keep Connecting!

Instead of doing this during one step of your sales call do it throughout! Step into that first meeting with the customer and instead of thinking about how you are going to wow them with your product knowledge - step back and learn about their business. How did you start this company? Who helped you when you first opened the doors? Was there any point where you thought 'am I crazy'? Showing genuine interest in their organization can allow you to break down the walls between you and the candidate and open up the doors to a more fluid business discussion.

Be Connected

As you begin to discuss the customer's pain really feel and meet that level of 'pain'. Oh wow, so you're saying your last IT company built a website that doesn’t reflect your brand? They didn’t respond to your emails for a week? That's crazy! If you can genuinely connect with their pain, the customer will know you care. People know that there are going to be bumps in the road and that not all relationships go perfectly. When a customer knows that you care about them, they can trust that you will be able to fix the pain. People do business with whom they trust and building genuine connections is the first step to trust.


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